Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for both parents and kids alike. It’s filled with costumes, pumpkin carving, candy and lots of other treats! However, it can also be a potentially dangerous holiday if you don’t review these safety tips with your family.

On Halloween, injuries caused by pedestrian accidents, falls, burns and poisoning are much more common. In a recent report from Safe Kids Worldwide, 3 out of 4 parents report having safety fears on Halloween and 79 percent of parents have talked to their kids about Halloween safety at least once.

However, only a third of parents review these safety tips with their kids annually. Talking to your kids about how they can stay safe on Halloween every year can ensure they don’t forget any of these tips and help prevent accidents!

Here are some tips on how to keep your kids safe this Halloween:

  • Make sure your child’s costume is the right size. Oversized costumes or shoes can cause your child to trip and fall, resulting in an injury. You should also opt for non-toxic makeup or face paint in place of masks. Masks can block their vision. And remember to remove their facepaint before bed with hypoallergenic wipes!
  • Kids under 12 should always trick or treat with an adult. Even older children can get distracted easily, so make sure your little ones have a responsible guardian with them at all times.
  • Use reflective tape on costumes. This is a simple trick that can potentially save a life. Using reflective tape makes it easier for cars to see kids in the dark. Your children should also carry flashlights or glow sticks to make it easier for them to see and be seen.
  • Walk only on the sidewalks or paths in your neighborhood. Make sure your kids know to stick to the sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, tell them to walk facing traffic and as far off the side of the road as possible.
  • Use traffic signals and crosswalks. Make sure you remind your children to be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to traffic signs. They should also be reminded to watch for cars that are turning or backing up.
  • Cross streets with adults. Never let your young children cross the street by themselves. Always cross at the corners of streets and make sure to look left, right, then left again before walking- not running– across the street.

Even if you do not have children participating in Halloween festivities this year, use these tips to keep yourself and other children safe. If you’re driving in residential areas, slow down and be alert!