As parents, we’re willing to do anything for our kids. With this Monday pick-me-up, we’ll show you how one dad definitely proved this point.

Greg Wickherst, also known as “The Hair Dad” is a single father who went to great lengths to learn how to do hairstyles for my daughter. After him and his wife split up, Wickherst knew he would have to learn how to style his young daughter, Izzy’s hair. So he attended a cosmetology class to learn how to do simple hairstyles.

“I asked them to give me some pointers,” he told ABC News. “After meeting with a student I learned a bunch of different styles. I also found it was a bonding experience between me and my daughter.”

From there, his styles have taken off!

These are some of his most impressive styles:

This Dutch Braid flipped into a ponytail:

the hair dada

These strand braids pulled into buns:

the hair dad2

This French braid-ponytail combo:

the hair dad3

These Dutch braids that went into a Rope Twist bun:

the hair dad4
Now, he shares his hairstyle on his YouTube channel to help other parents out there struggling to do their little ones’ hair! Can we ask him to do our hair next? 🙂