Happy Monday! If all you’re thinking about is napping today, we have the best #NapGoals for you. This mom, photographer Laura Izumikawa, uses her four-month old daughter’s naptime as an opportunity to dress her up in the cutest costumes.

As Izumikawa explains in a Buzzfeed article, “Joey slept so deeply so I thought it’d be fun adding little props around her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents and friends,” she said.

If Joey wakes up while Izumikawa is dressing her up, she usually just smiles and falls back to sleep, Izumikawa says.

When she posted these photos on her Instagram page, they went viral. We’re so happy Izumikawa decided to share these adorable photos and provide us with this Monday pick-me-up!

Here are some of our favorites:

For the “Stranger Things” fans:


The cutest Minnie Mouse we’ve ever seen:


Another Incredible costume:


Game of Thrones fans will love this one:


Gotta catch ‘em all:


Is it Taco Tuesday yet…?