It’s back to school season, which means that life is about to get a whole lot busier! Mornings are usually the most hectic time of the day, especially if your kids are still accustomed to their summer routine.

Luckily, Parenting shared their best tips to de-stress your mornings. We thought their tips were so helpful that we decided to share some of our favorites.

Here’s how to get out the door quicker and make your mornings less stressful:

  • Start your new routine before school does: If you wait until the first day of school to start a new routine, chances are you’ll have a rough time easing everyone back into it. You should start pushing back bedtime and waking your children up earlier a week or two before school starts.
  • Prepare the night before: Make sure you help your kids pack up their backpacks, set out their clothing, make their lunches and set their alarm clock the night before. This way, they won’t have to prepare everything during their morning grogginess. Make sure to set aside time to help them, so it doesn’t end up making your nights hectic.
  • Pick a morning leader: One of your children should be assigned to help motivate and get everyone out the door on time. Each day, rotate so someone else in the family has this job. Give them a reward for their hard work, like letting them pick the music on the car ride.
  • Get dressed first: Getting dressed in the morning can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Teach your kids to get dressed first thing in the morning before coming down to breakfast. You can help them the night before, but let them pick out their own outfits so they’ll be more motivated to dress themselves.
  • Use music: Create a fun, upbeat playlist with your kids’ favorite music to get them up and moving in the morning. You can even use it as a timer. Tell them that by the time the Jonas Brothers song ends, they should be sitting down to eat breakfast!
  • Create a landing space: Create a space where all school-related items can be dropped. Place it near the door, so your kids don’t end up throwing all of their backpacks and papers on the kitchen table. This makes it easier to find permission slips, homework or other important papers and helps contain the mess!

What do you do to make your mornings run more smoothly?