Happy #BumpDay! It’s no secret that your body goes through tons of changes during pregnancy. Although some of them might not be so pleasant, people will almost always comment on your pregnancy glow.

While some of these changes are purely psychological, there are also some positive physiological changes.

Here are some changes you can expect during pregnancy:

  • Rosy complexion: With the increase in hormones during pregnancy, you may start to notice some differences in your appearance. As your blood volume expands, your skin may start to have a flushed look, similar to after exercising.
  • Glowing skin: Your sweat glands will also increase production, leaving more secretions on the skin. This will give your skin that subtle sheen.
  • Full, shiny hair: Hair cycles through three stages: growing, resting and shedding. During pregnancy, your hair goes through the growing stage for a longer period of time, which can make hair thicker or even darker. During those 9 months, up to 95% of your hair may be growing.
  • Healthy nails: Chances are, like your hair, your nails will grow faster and stronger. They’re made of keratin, so hormonal changes affect their growth as well.
  • Clear skin: During pregnancy, your hormones can balance out. This may clear up acne and skin conditions. However, an increase in hormones and oil production may work the opposite way and actually lead to more blemishes or acne.

After you give birth, your body should eventually return to its normal hormonal cycle. But we bet that happy pregnancy glow will still be noticeable!