One of the most important and exciting moments of having a baby is picking out the perfect name for your little one. Since the name you choose for your baby can have a lasting effect on many different parts of their lives, including their behavior and self esteem, it’s important to pick the right name for your little one.

Whether you’re looking for a unique name or opt to go a more traditional route, it’s important to know all of your options! Especially since a majority of parents admit there are names they learned later on in life that they wished they’d chosen for their kids.

Out of the most popular baby names, there are some unusual and very interesting ones that are worth pondering over! Some are just spelled in a unique way, while others are derived from different origins.

In 2016, the most popular unusual baby names for girls were Adore, Ailey and Alaska. For boys, they were Abner, Aero and Arkin.

This year, the frontrunners for most popular unusual girl’s names are Alexus, America and Araceli. For boys, it’s Braylon, Draven and Ezequiel.

What do you think? Would you name your child any of these names or do you favor more traditional names?