Parenting is no picnic and we’re sure all you parents out there will agree to that. While you can turn to family, friends and sitters for help, there are also apps and tech tools for extra assistance when you need help in a pinch.

Technology is constantly at our fingertips to aid us these days, so why not use them for the parenting life? Technology helps with reminders, timing, and can answer even the wildest parenting questions.

Take a look at these tools that are changing the parenting game:

  • Artkive: This revolutionary app is a godsend to parents surrounded by stacks of scribbles on construction paper that your little artist made for you. As a new parent, you’ll want to keep every little thing your child makes for you, but that can take up a ton of storage space. With the app, you can take a picture of the work and organize each one by child. This is a great way to save space and store your precious memories.
  • Itzbeen: The Itzbeen pocket nanny is perfect for sleep deprived parents to remember basic baby care details, like setting a reminder for changing or feeding time.This simple device helps communicate baby needs to parents, grandparents, sitters and more. There’s even a dim night-light on the device so you can tend to your baby any hour after dark without waking him/her.
  • Circle by Disney: Since children are using tech devices more often than not these days, it’s a smart idea for parents to monitor what they’re doing. This device is perfect to prevent your youngin from engaging in anything you would deem inappropriate. Not only that, it also allows you to set time limits on the device and can even shut off all internet access at a certain time, like family night for example!
  • FlyeBaby: This hammock-style seat is the perfect solution for parents on the go! It provides a comfy seat for your baby but still allows for face-to-face interaction for long plane, car or bus rides! The five point harness system secures the baby in place, so you won’t have to worry about their safety.
  • Lullaby Light Cube: The Lullaby Light Cube is an amazing gadget that will help to soothe your baby with calming music under the starry night sky. It offers versatility with three modes: projection, projection and sound or sound only mode. With ten minutes of continuous play, your baby will surely be comforted for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Baby Wipes: Our MDMoms Baby Wipes are great to keep your baby clean from head to toe. They are so versatile that even parents can use them for their own needs, including to wash your face or remove makeup. The compact packaging makes it storage friendly and easy for a mom to keep in her purse for on the go.

Please share any tech tools or gadgets that you use to ease parenting struggles in the comments!