Happy Friday! We love a good pregnancy announcement- it always seems to brighten up our day and put us in a good mood. There’s a whole bunch of pictures and videos going around the internet of cute, sappy and funny ways that people have announced their pregnancy to their families.

This one caught our eye- and our hearts- because of its creativity and hilarity that ensued. Ashley Embry, from Nashville, Tennessee, was just 11 weeks pregnant when she wanted to surprise her mom with the news.

She created her own cards for the game Mad Gab, which, if you’ve never heard of it, takes a string of random words that when spoken aloud sound like a different sentence. It took her mom a while to understand the phrase (not that we blame her). But when she finally figured it out, her reaction is priceless!

What do you think- would you have guessed the phrase from this clue?

“Eye Mag Own Abbey Aground Mow There”

The correct response? “I’m going to be a grandmother.”


What about this one: “Hash Lean May Sonar Prague Nut”

The correct answer: “Ashley and Mason are pregnant.”
We just love the end reactions- we bet you’ll cry happy tears too! Watch the original video here.