Finding out you’re pregnant is exciting, but finding out the gender of your baby is one of the biggest surprises of your life! If you choose to find out if your baby will be a boy or a girl before birth, cute gender reveals have become a popular way to let your loved ones know.

It’s up to you whether you want to share the news privately with a few people, throw a party or simply post a photo on various social media outlets. Whatever route you choose, there’s a ton of gender reveal ideas that can be personalized to make it work for you. We scoured Pinterest for the cutest gender reveal ideas to share with our readers!

Here are our favorite ones:

gender reveal

Confetti Push-Pops: These are perfect for a gender reveal party. Fill with pink or blue confetti and have everyone pop them at the same time!

gender reveal ideas

Playdough: Making your own gender reveal playdough is super easy and a fun way to tell your kids! Place a few drops of pink or blue dye in the middle of the playdough, so the color will be revealed once it’s rolled out.

gender reveals

Paint-filled balloons: Tape balloons filled with pink or blue paint to a canvas. Let whoever you’re sharing the news with throw darts to pop the balloons and reveal the gender! Bonus: You can use this canvas to create a piece of art for your nursery!

cute gender reveal ideas

Cake: You’ve probably seen the cakes that reveal pink or blue slices when you cut into them. This idea takes a spin off of that with the first slice revealing M&M’s to show the baby’s gender!

gender reveal ideas for dads

Golf balls: These powder-filled golf balls are perfect for the sporty dad. There’s also an option for footballs, softballs or soccer balls!

silly string gender reveal
Silly string: This one’s another great idea for kids or guests at a party. Buy silly string with the color of your baby’s gender, then cover up the label and let your guests spray it at the same time!