Pregnancy is no picnic, even though photos of the “pregnancy glow” you see on your social media pages may make people think otherwise. It’s hard work and sometimes (most of the time) can be uncomfortable, especially when you live a busy lifestyle and are constantly out and about.

It raises the question: “what happens when you experience pregnancy symptoms (nausea, dizziness, loss of bladder control) in public?” While flipping through Buzzfeed, we found some hilarious moments of the real life struggle of being pregnant in public.

Here are a few to make you smile too- and remind you that you’re not alone in the pregnancy struggles!

“In a parking lot I turned sideways to get through a narrow space between cars and GOT STUCK. Took two strangers to get me out.”
“While six months pregnant with twins, I leaned back in my beach chair ever so slightly. Gravity took over, and I wound up flat on my back on the sand.”
“I was at Target and started getting dizzy and nauseous, so I quickly grabbed a Clif Bar and a Powerade and sprawled out on the display couch in the furniture section, pants undone, eating and sweating. I saw a few Target employees staring at me so I just waved and told them I was pregnant.”
“I drove to work one day and left my car running in the parking lot, all day long. Pregnancy brain!”
“I projectile vomited Cocoa Puffs over the gas pump onto a man’s face while he just screamed, “Help me!”
“I bowled a kid over in Walmart for Fruit Loops.”
“I lived in constant fear of my water breaking in public so my aunt told me to carry around a jar of pickles and if my water broke to smash the jar over the puddle and claim it was an accident. Well, I carried a jar of pickles in my purse all winter and when I finally went into labor I carried my pickle jar into the hospital. After my son was born, the nurses swaddled up my jar and handed it to me.”
“I worked as a bank teller and one day I forgot how to make change for a $20. I started crying right there at the teller window.”