At MD Moms, we strive to bring you the safest and best products for you and your family. That’s why we love to hear your feedback on any new products we’re developing. Our parent company, SCS Direct, is working with Cheerios to develop new products and they need your feedback!

This short survey will take just a few minutes and asks questions about toy preferences for toddler-aged children.  If you don’t have a toddler-aged child, you can answer based on memory.

Please answer these short survey questions. In exchange for your time, we’ll send you a 50% off coupon code for any of the following products of your choice:

  • Baby Wipes (80ct) – Eczema Approved Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin (Fragrance Free)
  • MD Moms Gentle All-Over Clean Baby Wipes
  • Baby Wipes – Eczema Approved Hypoallergenic Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin (12 ct Travel Pouch)
  • MD Moms Skin Liquid Powder for Babies, 3 oz
  • MD Moms Fragrance Free Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm- 6.8 oz



Access the survey here:
Just enter your email at the end of the survey and select which item you would like to receive the coupon code for. You will not receive any other promotional emails or be placed on a mailing list. Thank you so much for your help!