You’ve probably heard about this risks of letting children spend too much time staring at screens, whether it’s the computer, their phone or the TV. Not only is it annoying when you’re trying to get their attention, but it can also affect their interpersonal relationships and hinder their development.

A recent study shows that teens who are inactive can also suffer from weaker bones. In the study published in The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, the researchers looked at the physical activity and bone strength in 309 teenagers over a four-year period.

The participants’ ages ranged from 10 to 14 for girls and 12 to 16 for boys, which is the period most important for bone development. According to the researchers, up to 36 percent of the skeleton is formed during these years. The teens who were less active had weaker bones, which also made them prone to fractures and other injuries.

As a parent, it’s our duty to limit screen time and act as role models for a healthy lifestyle. Even if your kids don’t want to play on a sports team or engage in structured activities, you can encourage your kids to become more active by promoting activities such as dancing, playing tag, walking the dog or jumping rope.

It’s important to make sure your child engages in some form of weight-bearing activity. The earlier these healthy habits are formed, the stronger they will be continuing into their teen years!

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