Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend celebrating the dads in their lives!

Whether you are new to parenthood or your children are growing up, no doubt you have experienced the joys of having children. These comics from artist Betje show the great advantages of parenting, which come at the most unexpected times. We thought they were so cute, so we had to share!

They teach you to appreciate the little things in life:

parenthood comics

They’ll be your personal alarm clock (at ALL hours of the night):

Betje comics

They’ll teach you new skills:

funny parenting comics


And you’ll always miss them when they’re not constantly around:

parenthood comics

Because even though sometimes they don’t make any sense, we still love them anyway…

parenting comics

And last, but not least: They’ll always keep you entertained (but seriously, HOW do they do it??)

funny parenting comics