One of the universal truths of parenthood is that our children grow up way too fast. Taking photos helps in trying to document those precious, fleeting moments of their childhood. However, sometimes these photoshoots don’t go as planned.

Anne Geddes, the woman responsible for all of those cute baby calendars and photos of children dressed as different vegetables and plants, sat down with reporters from The Independent to give her tips on how to take the perfect baby photos. We thought they were so helpful that we decided to share a summarized list with you!

Here are the best tips for capturing the perfect baby photos:

  • Simplicity is key: It’s important to emphasize the essence of the child in the portrait, says Geddes. Keep everything else- the background, props, lighting- simple and not too cluttered.
  • Let your children be themselves: You’ll want to look back at these photos and remember their true sense of character. If your child doesn’t want to cooperate for a photo or pose the way you envisioned, let them do their own thing (you may even capture an even better moment!)
  • Don’t use flash: Geddes says it ruins the atmosphere. Instead, photograph children in the early morning or late afternoon, when the natural light is just right.
  • Change your perspective: Get down on their level, since this is how children really see the world. You should also try to include yourself in many of the photographs, as it’s important for your children to see how you’ve grown along with them.
  • Photograph as much as you can: We probably don’t have to remind you (again), but childhood is fleeting. Try to capture as much of it as you can.
  • Be in the moment: This is perhaps her most valuable piece of advice. Although you want to capture each and every special moment, make sure you put the camera down for the really important ones.

Looking back at it, most of these tips can be applied to everyday life with children, not just while photographing them!

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Anne Geddes