Happy World Environment Day! At MD Moms, we know that by keeping our planet healthy, we keep ourselves healthy too. That why we use natural ingredients in all of our products that come straight from the Earth with names you can recognize, like avocado, olive oil, chamomile, and aloe!

Recycling is also a huge part of keeping our planet healthy. With the amount of municipal waste (household trash) Americans produce every day, the importance of recycling is growing. In 2014, (the last year this data was taken) nearly 258 million tons of municipal solid waste was generated and only about 34.6 percent of this trash was recycled.

Recycling our waste is cheaper, better for the environment and it saves energy in breaking down our trash. So the question is, why don’t more Americans recycle?

Here are some simple ways to jump start your household:

  • Most towns have a recycling program already in place. Contact your town’s public works department to find out if yours does, and how you can join it.
  • If your town doesn’t have a recycling program, don’t give up! You can find a recycling station near you. Earth911 has helpful guides for finding recycling centers for each specific item you wish to recycle. (There are so many options for items you probably didn’t even know you could recycle!)
  • Find out what you can and can’t recycle. Your town’s public works department can help you with this as well. Then, have your family help make a list of what you plan on recycling and include photos for a quick reference.
  • Make recycling fun. Challenge everyone in the family to make something unique out of something they would normally just throw away.
  • Make a recycling station in your home, with different bins for each different item you plan on recycling. If you’re putting the station somewhere hidden, like in your garage, place your recycling list right by your garbage cans as a quick reminder!
  • Have larger items, like furniture or electronics, that you don’t know what to do with? Try selling them or giving them away for free. There are many apps and websites that can help with this, including OfferUp and LetGo.

If you already partake in a recycling program, there’s still additional steps you can take to increase your participation. Put a recycling bin in your car for on-the-go recycling, use reusable bags at the grocery store, and buy items made from recycled materials (pssst… all of our packaging is recyclable!) Find out more about how our products can help you and the environment here!