We love hearing feedback about our products from our customers, especially how they work for you in everyday life! Our friend Nina from The HSS Feed recently shared why she loves our products:

“…I found that a lot of their products were really useful and worked great for us but I want to highlight some that I’ve been exceptionally thrilled with. Their Diaper Rash Cream is really great. The big thing for me on that one is that has a protectant in it. So you don’t need to do the diaper cream topped with Aquaphor route with it (if you do that trick for diaper rash). The Dry Skin Rescue Cream was perfect for baby eczema and I actually will use that on both boys in the winter when their little cheeks get really dry from the weather. The cream is thick but it warms in your hands really easily so it goes on smooth. HUGE win with this one, it’s a good one.”

Read the rest of her post and be sure to enter her giveaway, so you can try out our MD Moms products for yourself- click here!

*The photo included in this blog post is courtesy of Nina from The HSS Feed and should not be reused/reposted without her permission.