Getting your ultrasound and viewing your sonogram is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. It’s an amazing feeling to see your little one growing inside of you. When these parents viewed their sonograms, they got an extra surprise! Take a look at these unusual sonogram photos:

Rock on!


This baby gave his parents the hand-horn symbol, letting them know that he can’t wait to rock on once he’s born!

Tongue sticking out:


This photo was taken with 3-D technology and clearly shows this baby sticking her tongue out at her parents!

When you see it…


This photo may be harder to see, but once you look to the right of the image, there appears to be a cat making an appearance in the womb! We’re sure these parents found this sonogram claw-some!

Peace, baby!

Unusual sonogram

This baby showed his parents he was doing just fine with a peace sign.

Dinosaur spotting


We’re sure this little one’s parents were not expecting to see a dinosaur show up in their sonogram!

These are just a few examples of the many surprises your baby can show you even before they are born! This video even shows a baby clapping along to her parent’s singing.


Did your baby do anything unusual during your ultrasound appointments? Let us know in the comments!