Summer is the most popular season for birthdays, which means that if you’re a soon-to-be mom, you’re probably thinking about possible baby names now. Since the name you choose for your baby can have a lasting affect on many different parts of their lives, including their behavior and self esteem, it’s important to pick the right name for your little one.

In 2016, the most popular names for girls were Emma, Olivia and Ava, while most boys were named Liam, Noah or Mason. What names will be popular in 2017?

So far, Emma still holds the first place spot for the most popular baby name, with Harper and Ava following behind. For boys, Noah is now in first, followed by Benjamin and Aiden. The trending names for 2017 seem to be more unique. The top trending girl’s names are Scarlett, Charlotte and Stella. For boys, it’s Hudson, Ezra or Declan.


Whether you have a well-researched list of possible unique baby names, or you’ve had one traditional name in mind for a while, it’s still fun to research popular baby names! What are some of your favorite baby names?