Pregnancy is an extremely exciting time, filled with a whirlwind of announcements, baby showers, appointments, and lots of planning. At times, it can feel overwhelming for the mother-to-be. By encouraging your significant other to be involved in your pregnancy, you can relieve some of your  anxiety and even deepen your bond.

Studies show that paternal involvement can lead to an increase in the overall well-being of the mother and baby. It’s easy to get your significant other involved, and chances are they’ll be overjoyed.

Here are some tips on how to get your significant other more involved in your pregnancy journey:

  • Involve them in your announcements. Tell your families together and make sure your SO has a say in how you decide to announce it to the rest of your friends. Will you announce it on Facebook? Have a party? Plan a photoshoot? Send out cards? Let them help you decide.
  • Invite them to your OB-GYN appointments. This way, they can hear the baby’s heartbeat and view their progress on the sonogram at the same time you do- you can share in the experience together.
  • Include them in the baby shopping and registry. It can be easy to feel like you have to make all the decisions, but involving your SO can make the decision-making process much more fun! If you have strong opinions on large items, like baby furniture, narrow it down to a few choices you like and let them make the final decision.
  • Let them feel your baby kicking. Place their hands on your belly when you feel the baby kicking, and encourage them to talk and sing to the baby. Have them rub a gentle moisturizing lotion on your belly to help prevent dry skin and stretch marks from a growing baby! This way, they can feel more connected to you and your baby during your pregnancy journey.
  • Enjoy the name selection process together. Looking at top baby name lists can be fun and entertaining. Do you like unusual or traditional names? You can discuss name options together and rank your favorite ones.
  • Sign them up for classes. There are tons of classes to get your SO involved with the care of the new addition to your family. They can learn important skills like burping, changing, swaddling, child safety, and even how to balance their work and home life. If they’re prepared, they are much more likely to continue their involvement after your baby is born as well!

By encouraging your significant other to become more involved in your pregnancy, you are also helping to strengthen their bond after the baby is born.