Every #BumpDay, we strive to bring you the latest and best baby and motherhood news. This week, we’re exploring some of the benefits of having children later in life.

Having a child at an older age has frequently been associated with complications in pregnancy and childbirth. We almost never hear of any benefits of being an older mother, but a new study has been released that outlines some of these benefits. The European Journal of Developmental Psychology point out that older mothers show lower levels of pregnancy worry, a more positive attitude towards parenting, a more positive overall emotional well-being, and other beneficial parenting behaviors.

Older mothers tend to have a higher maturity level, which becomes a long-term benefit to their maternal parenting style. Studies show that older mothers usually adopt a more authoritative parenting style, while they also tend to be more forgiving. The article also states that while both younger and older mothers had high levels of household chaos (See? You’re not alone!), older age led to a decrease in both parent-child conflict and negative parenting.

The reasons for these benefits point to older mothers’ generally secure employment status and more stable marital relationship, which provide increased access to material and social resources for their children later in life.

However, the study also mentions that there is still the possibility that the disadvantages of older maternal age will catch up with families. These disadvantages include reductions of physical well-being and health as time goes on. Younger mothers also may have more energy and gain the maturity of older mothers as their children grow.

Whether you are a young mom or an older one, one thing is for sure: there is not one right way to have kids or raise them. We all work with the chaos and figure out what works best for each of our families, and that’s the best we can do!