Spring has already been here for a week, and with it comes all kinds of weather changes. With the winter weather leaving its mark on your baby’s skin, it may be difficult to prepare for the transition into the warmer spring weather. We have some tips on how to help your little one recover from the cold and prepare for the warm spring weather ahead!

  • Slather on the sunscreen- Many people skip out on sunscreen in the winter, but the winter sun and snow glare can damage your and your baby’s skin. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen (like our baby sunscreen lotion) in the winter, and carry this habit through to the spring and summer to protect your family’s skin from sun damage all year long!
  • Our skin loses moisture because of the lack of humidity in the dry, winter air. Use a mild soap, not a scrub, to restore your baby’s skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Keep bath time short- about 10 minutes is good- to avoid stripping your baby’s skin of its natural moisture.
  • After bathing, use a light moisturizer that will help trap the moisture in the skin, but will not feel greasy or weigh your family down in the warmer spring weather.
  • As the weather gets warmer, dress your child in loose, comfortable, cotton clothing (and continue layering as the winter weather fades out!) Sweating also increases the risk for dry skin, so avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water.
  • Try to keep your baby out of the sun during its peak hours (usually between 10 AM and 4 PM). If you are out in the sun, make sure to cover them up with clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and some sunglasses!